What to do with your Cake Smash Photos | Cypress Cake Smash Photographer

What to do with your Cake Smash Photos | Cypress Cake Smash Photographer

So we’ve all seen the many cute cake smash sessions but today, I’d like to talk a little bit about some ideas for what to do with those images after the session. Of course social media sharing is hugely popular but I want you to think more long term. We all know that social media is instant gratification but then is as quickly forgotten or buried amongst other posts, selfies, political debates, and even trivial posts like what your cousin’s friend’s kid is having for lunch today. Your precious memories deserve better! So let’s talk about how you can give your memories a spotlight and a chance to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Top 7 ways to display your cake smash photos:

1. Birthday Party Invitations
We can customize your session to match your planned theme for the birthday party. The portraits we create make adorable birthday party invitations. I am happy to design and print these for you to take that chore off your list.

2. Thank You Cards
Show your party guests how much you appreciate them celebrating your baby’s first birthday with a customized thank you card. This will be one thank you card that doesn’t just end up in the trash immediately after being read. I can see these hanging on the fridge of every family member and friend who receives one!

3. Accordion Mini Book
These unique little books feature your 10 favorite images in a 3″x3″ accordion presentation with magnetic closure. These make great gifts and offer a way to enjoy your images even if you are short on wall space.

Accordion mini book by Cypress newborn photographer, Ashley Yates Photography

4. Birthday Video

I put all of your images in a video set to music that can be played during the birthday party. Your guests will be very impressed with the fun display!

5. Wall Art
I am a big proponent of printing your favorite images and hanging them on the wall where you can enjoy them on a daily basis! It is so fun to see your children reacting to their photos hanging in the house. My 4 year old comments on the photos of him in our home at least once a week. He will say things like, “I used to be really little but now I’m big!” He also likes to point out the canvas hanging in our game room where he was dressed as Batman and his baby brother was dressed as Robin (these portraits were taken by the late Jamie Anderson of JME Portraits). They have a blast replaying those roles over and over as they grow up. Not only do the kids enjoy them, but my heart still melts every time I see them. It helps on the tough days when the kids are arguing or being extra needy to look up and be reminded that they are still really little and they need me to be patient with them because eventually, they will get back to their sweet and cute selves like in those photos.

Wall art is available in gallery wrapped canvas as well as framed prints. Both options are ready to hang in your home and do not require any additional work on your part.

Gallery wrapped canvases hanging in a playroom by Cypress newborn photographer, Ashley Yates Photography

framed and mattted print by Cypress newborn photographer, Ashley Yates Photography


One of my favorite services to provide is designing gallery wall collections. These are custom designed with your walls in mind! We can do both canvas and framed print in any of these collections!


custom wall groupings designed by Cypress cake smash photographer, Ashley Yates Photography


6. Story Board Framed Trio
In addition to traditional canvas prints, I offer a unique storyboard framed art piece specifically with cake smash sessions in mind! It features three images printed beautifully on torn edge fine art paper and showcases the three parts of our cake smash session, the formal portraits, the messy cake smash, and the bubble bath splash. It is the perfect way to tell the story of this milestone session and is sure to be conversation piece in your home!

Storyboard fine art framed trio by Cypress cake smash photographer, Ashley Yates Photography

7. Heirloom Birthday Book
My absolute favorite way to display portraits from the cake smash sessions are through an heirloom birthday book. This book incorporates all of your favorite images (which is awesome if you have a hard time picking a favorite!) I design your book with the future in mind. Intermixed with your favorite images, will be pages with empty space and a prompt for friends and family to write notes to your baby. Prompts like “when you go off to college…” and “when something feels out of reach…” provide a chance to get your loved ones thinking beyond the typical “happy birthday. We love you” notes that often accompany birthday cards. This is truly an heirloom piece that will only get more meaningful as time goes on. Imagine passing this on to your your baby for their high school graduation gift. It is possible that some of the hand written notes he reads on that day will be from loved ones that have since passed. What an awesome gift to your baby! Stock up on tissues because this is sure to bring on the tears.

heirloom birthday book by Cypress cake smash photographer, Ashley Yates Photography

You could also upgrade your book to a signature album for an even more impressive product. The albums feature thick, lay flat pages with no gutter. You may also customize the cover with one of your favorite images.

signature album by Cypress newborn photographer, Ashley Yates Photography


Those are just a few ways that you can turn this milestone into a memory that you can cherish for a lifetime. I love hearing other unique ideas for displaying your photos. Comment below with your favorites!

If you fell in love with one of those ideas and have to have it for your baby, contact me today and I will make it happen for you!






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