Jordan | Cypress Newborn Photos

Jordan | Cypress Newborn Photos

Oh my stars, you are in for a treat today. Jordan came in for his newborn portraits at 5 weeks old and nearing 13 lbs! He was the happiest little chunk that has visited my Cypress newborn photography studio in quite a while. At this age, we expect the babies to be awake more than a typical newborn (1-2 weeks old). So, it is always hit or miss on whether baby will tolerate being moved into all of the poses. However, Jordan was such a sweet boy that he let me pose him even when he was awake. In fact, he even gave me this adorable little smirk.

Newborn boy smiles for his Cypress newborn photos by Ashley Yates Photography

My favorite part of this session was getting to know his family and see how much they adore him. In addition to his parents, his aunt joined us and was a great help in getting him to sleep. She hummed a beautiful lullaby as she rocked him until he drifted off into a deep sleep. After that, we got the last few sleepy poses. You could feel the special bond they share and I know that Jordan is going to miss her when she returns home to her own babies.

Newborn photos by Cypress newborn photographer, Ashley Yates Photography

If you are ready to book your Cypress newborn photos, I would love to connect with you. Booking in the second trimester gives us plenty of time to plan. However, I never want you to stress about it being too late. Contact me and we will work it out! This stage is too precious even if they aren’t quite as sleepy. I have patience for days when it comes to these little bundles of love and will spend as long as we need to create these beautiful portraits for you.

There is nothing that will melt your heart on a daily basis more than walking through your home and seeing a beautiful wall gallery of your sweet little baby! When you book with me, you are getting an expert who will help you transform these photos from a beautiful image on a screen, into a work of art to be proudly displayed in your home in the form of a wall gallery, a coffee table album, or any number of unique table art displays. What is your favorite way to display your baby’s portraits?

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