Hand Crafted Newborn Props | Cypress Newborn Photographer

Hand Crafted Newborn Props | Cypress Newborn Photographer

I was recently interviewed by Voyage Houston Magazine to be featured in their column on Houston’s Most Inspiring Stories (read more of my article here). One of the questions got me thinking and inspired me to write this blog post. They asked if things in this business have always been easy and if not, how I’ve overcome the obstacles. My answer to them was that I have an awesome support system of family and friends who believe in me and are always willing to help me be successful. So this post is a shout out to some of the most important people in my life. Without them, I would not be where I am today. And because of them, my clients have some amazing, one of a kind, hand crafted props to use during their newborn portrait session.

My parents, recently started building their retirement home on a gorgeous piece of wooded property in Magnolia. They invited us out to see the land being cleared which was very neat but also kind of sad to see the trees being knocked down. But luckily, they humored me by saving a few of the trees to be re-purposed into some amazing newborn props!


two boys helping clear trees to make newborn props for Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography


My little helpers loved seeing the big machines at work and even got in on the action at one point! Anytime I have an idea for a project it usually turns into a family affair. The running joke is that “it should be an easy project, right?” Ha! My ideas have proven to be more complicated than they should be time after time. But my family is awesome and is always willing to help bring my ideas to life. My dad is the handy man for most of my projects and his attention to detail and perfectionist work ethic shows in the finished products! My oldest son, Hudson also loves to help his Granddad any time tools are involved. It is truly a team effort as my mom is usually helping make sure my 2 year old isn’t getting into trouble while my dad and I (and sometimes Hudson) work in the garage.


grandfather and grandson build rustic newborn props for Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography


I love how these turned out and I love even more how special they are because they were made from trees from my parents land and built by my dad. We made a rustic newborn bed prop, a log basket/bed, and a tiny tee pee. It was a full day’s effort but turned out beautifully! I have only been able to use one so far in a newborn session but it was as magical as I had hoped it would be. I can’t wait to use the others in my upcoming Cypress newborn photography sessions.


Rustic newborn bed, rustic newborn basket, and newborn tee pee made for Cypress Newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography




Another project made possible with the help of my family are the wood wall backdrop and the sliding barn doors in my studio. My sister and brother in law helped me install the white wood wall. My dad and brother helped reinforce it when it needed a little adjusting. Then over Christmas break while my brother was visiting from out of town, I talked him and my dad into helping build these amazing sliding barn doors!


sliding barn doors and white wood wall in Cypress newborn photography studio


This idea came to me one morning as a solution to some major storage issues I had. The wall had been kind of useless as far as my studio was concerned. The door to the kitchen was in a spot where I couldn’t really use that wall for anything. Either side was too small on its own. But with the doors closed, I have an amazing dark wood backdrop that is perfect for sibling and family poses! I have also utilized the space behind the doors to hang my wraps, hats, tieback, and outfits. It is the perfect solution for an organized and now completely functional space. Not to mention it is gorgeous!! The sliding doors are the first thing most people comment on when entering the studio. This was definitely a labor of love and took almost 3 days to complete. But it is one of my favorite parts of my studio – and one of my client favorites now too!

I am so grateful to be able to offer such beautiful and one of a kind props and backdrops to my clients. But mostly, I am thankful for my family. They have believed in me from day one and have humored me in each of my project ideas. They are the secret behind all of my successes and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!




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