Brooks | Cypress Newborn Photographer

Brooks | Cypress Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting the cuddliest baby in all of Cypress, TX. Seriously, Brooks is the cutest and he prefers to be held. He could sleep all day as long as he is being cuddled. He made me work for it though when I tried posing him. As soon as I laid him down he would wake up. I mean, wide awake! Those eyes are saying, “ummm…why in the world are you not holding me anymore?!” Ha!

newborn boy posed on blue blanket by Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a Cypress newborn photographer, it is that the baby sets the pace for the session. If he needs to be cuddled, we will stop and cuddle. Same goes for feeding. Some babies need this more often than others and that is okay! I am patient and will do what it takes to make baby feel secure and settled before moving on to posing. By being willing to meet baby’s needs first, we are almost always able to get some cute sleepy poses. But I love a wide eyed baby also! Brooks even gave us a little smile (with one eye open because he wasn’t quite sure why I had put him down and if he was going to be okay with it).

collage of newborn boy posed in a rustic bed and on a blue and gray blanket by Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography

Because he preferred to be held, we opted to finish his gallery out with a lifestyle session in their home. Jamie and Josh have created the most beautiful nursery for Brooks. It could be in a magazine!

lifestyle newborn portrait session by Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography

There is so much love in this little family of three. It was truly an honor to capture it for them! Brooks is in great hands with his doting mommy and daddy. With their love and support he will grow into a confident young man, ready to spread his wings.

mom and dad admire newborn baby in his nursery by Cypress newborn photographer - Ashley Yates Photography

If you are ready to book your newborn portrait session, contact me today! Rest assured that your baby will be well taken care of during your time with me. Whatever he needs to feel safe and happy, we will do. And you will leave with beautiful portraits to remember this time. While the days (and nights) feel long, especially with a baby who prefers to be held, this phase will be over before you know it. I cried the first time my baby crawled out of my lap instead of letting me rock him to sleep. I miss those cuddly moments with my own sons. But luckily, I get to still have small glimpses back to those days with the babies that visit my studio.


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